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Firewood Sales in Mississauga and Surrounding Areas

Through our partners at Van Beek’s Garden Supplies, Brock’s Landscaping can provide you with a variety of firewood types that are characterized by pleasurable smells and unique flame qualities. Learn more about what we have available for delivery or visit a Van Beek’s location near you!


This wood offers a special burning capacity featuring a pleasant scent and reduced sparking.


A fast-burning wood and effective for starting a campfire, birch is best accompanied by a slower burning wood such as oak.


This hardwood burns longer, gives off more heat and is preferred by many due to its low levels of smoke and enjoyable scent.


This hardwood is a staple in many home fireplaces. Oak burns slowly and provides more heat.


Cherry is a great choice if aroma is important to you. It burns at medium heat and offers lower smoke levels. There is a moderate amount of sparking.

Mixed Blend

A best-selling option, the mixed blend offers fast and slow burning woods including maple, birch, beech and oak. This blend is well seasoned to increase ease of starting, the brightness of flame and to offer longer lasting heat. Mixed blend is available in 12” and 16” lengths.

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